Thuya Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint

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Thuya's new and innovative color active formula provides an even, intense, and long-lasting color. Thuya Tint is known for its rich composition that promotes hair growth. Active ingredients include Argan Oil and Keratin.

Argan Oil hydrates and restores smoothness to the hair. Vitamin E, which Argan Oil is high in, helps increase hair's elasticity and shine. Keratin improves elasticity, restores moisture and shine, strengthens your hair making it look healthier.

Tint colors include:

DEEP BLACK: deep and pure, our classic tint. Only for lash application.

BLUISH BLACK: get a black colour with a special blue shine acquiring greater brightness. Only for lash application.

BROWN: perfect for getting a natural colour in lashes or for very dark brows.

LIGHT BROWN: ideal for blond, brown or light brown hair

CHESTNUT: perfect for red hair or mahogany tones.