Thuya Lash & Brow BTX

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Thuya Lash Filler Botox contains active ingredients that help hydrate and plump lashes and brows. They nourish and restore hairs, prevent hair loss and stimulates growth. It can be used as a standalone treatment method or as the last step of a lash lift, brow lamination or lash/brow tint service. This contains enough product for up to 50 treatments.

Thuya BTX reconstructs protein chains in the hair with a powerhouse of ingredients including: Keratin and Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acids, Turmeric, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rose Hip Oil and Grape Oil.

How to use:


  • 1. Complete the lift, laminaton or tint service
  • 2. Apply the BTX Lash Filler with the help of a microbrush, little by little
  • 3. Distribute the product on all lashes, from the root to the tips
  • 4. Comb through the lashes with a spoolie to distribute it evenly
  • 5. Leave Lash Filler BTX on for 15 minutes
  • 6. After 15 minutes, dry remove the excess product with qtips or cotton pads

    Size: 5 mL