Thuya Brow Lamination Premium Kit

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Thuya is well-known for their products that serve to improve the quality of eyelashes and eyebrows of clients since 1988. Managing to provide high quality (produced in Barcelona) items at competitive prices, Thuya has stayed as a popular choice for many salons. This kit is enough product for up to 40 applications. This kit saves you $10 versus purchasing these products individually!

This kit contains:

  • Thuya Permanent Gel
  • Thuya Neutralizer Cream
  • Thuya Regenerating Cream
  • Thuya Brow Shampoo
  • Thuya Pre-Smoothing Treatment
  • Pink Mini Brushes (Qty: 30)


How to use:

Step 1- Thuya Permanent Gel (Processing times 10-15 minutes)

Permanent gel solution reacts by chemically softening the inner structure of the hair by breaking some of the cross links within and between the protein chains of the hair. The hair swells, stretches and softens.

Step 2 - Neutralizer Cream (Processing times 10-15 minutes)

Neutralizer Cream is then applied to “set” the new shape of the hair by reinserting the cross linking bonds.

Step 3 - Thuya Regenerating Cream

Regenerating cream seals the result from first and second steps. Naturally moisturizes the eyebrows. Vitamin E improves the hair structure and some of its internal characteristics. It nourishes, moisturizes the hair, as well as protects them from the harmful effects of the environment. Thuya regenerating cream needs to stay on for 24 hours.