Sensei Eyelash Adhesive - 0.5 Sec / 10mL

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0.5 Second Lash Adhesive

Introducing the Master of all lash adhesives, Sensei!

Sensei is an instant-grab 0.5 second formula for intermediate to advanced lash artists. This adhesive can be used with Classic and Volume extensions. Latex free and medical grade.

Size: 10mL
Viscosity: thin black liquid
Retention: 6-7 weeks
Temperature: 20°C-24°C (68°F-75°F)
Humidity: 35%-65%
Shelf life: 6 months unopened

How to use:

- Shake adhesive sideways (to avoid clogging the nozzle) for 60 seconds

- Dispose the first drop

- After each use, use lint free wipes to wipe the nozzle and tip (to prevent gluing to cap)

- Replace adhesive drop every 20 minutes for best retention

- Cure lashes with Superbonder

- Store bottle in cool & dry place, ideally in an airtight container (do not store in fridge)


For professional use only. Lash Elite is not responsible for misuse or accidents using our products. Do not use on skin. Keep away from heat. MSDS is available upon request.